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Inclusive Fashion for All

Who We Are

Here at Illicit studios, our collections aren’t contained and confined by the rules of what you should and shouldn’t wear. Our team works to curate products that offer a sense of freedom in its ambiguity that caters to a non-exclusive world of fashion, where all individuals are made to be comfortable. Our collection is situatied for both men and women, and non-gender conforming individuals! Our collection delivers and encourages you to buy what you want, and wear what you want!

Do You Even Gym Bro?

Much Love to Our Supporters

Our mission of keeping prices affordable strives through our loyal customer base. Thank you for supporting our hardworking team in making unisex fashion more accessible. Every referral to a friend or family allows illicit studios to continue our big sale events!

Giving back to the Community

Showcase Your Art on Our Store > Free of Charge > With all Sales Going Directly to the Artist

We believe It’s vital we support aspiring artists who are the very ones to bring life to the heart of our city. Toronto wouldn’t be Toronto without the creative and beautiful artistry found all over the community.

Illicit studios is honoured to provide a platform for artists within the Greater Toronto Area, free of charge.

With our platform, illicit studios can provide the support of an art gallery showcased in the online world with all art sales going directly to the artist where they can showcase their art for sale.

Here at illicit studios we value the hard work of artists, so feel free to contact us for any inquiries!