For the Sinners that Play as Saints

Follow your own code of conduct.

The respect I had for you, was crushed the moment you chose to use your power to carry out abuse of authority.

You refused to listen when students brought up concerns of racial offences.

You called students “disgusting”, “inhumane”, and “not making a difference” in response to those very concerns.

If that’s what’s considered being “an effective communicator”, then I’d say most students are doing far better then admin. And so it's with ease that I can say I have more faith in the sisterhood of Notre Dame to bring forth change, then the falsehood of admin.

I ask to discontinue throwing Catholic virtues, expectations, and code of conducts in the faces of students in the name of damage control.

These values greatly mean something to people, and it's unfortunate to see them used in an attempt to cover up your inactions.

So if you think you are innocent of anything that has happened. Remember admin, you are the sole reason issues have escalated and resulted in students being very hurt on both sides in the first place. At this point it's fair to say that Notre Dame has proven contrary to their motto, time and time again, of being a “safe haven” and “home”.

Links to articles covering alleged systemic racism below.

"TCDSB investigating Notre Dame students’ concerns about racism"

Alan Shackleton

june 23, 2020

"Current, former students speak out against alleged systemic racism at all-girls Catholic high school"

CBC News

June 26, 2020

"School board investigating allegations of anti-Black racism at Toronto school"

Phil Tsekouras
Multi-Platform Writer, CTV News Toronto

June 29, 2020


Inspired by the Song Crossfire by Stephen

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